Friday, May 18, 2012

Review of Temptation To Sin by Readers' Favorite

Book Review
Reviewed by Jean Brickell for Readers Favorite

"Temptation to Sin" is a very erotic, very sexual, and romantic book. Shannon is living with Jayden. She has been for ten years but for eight of those years it has been a platonic relationship. She is beginning to think something is missing in her life and makes a date with Greg but not finding a spark, she dumps him. She has decided there must be a strong erotic feeling if she is going to have an affair and she finds this with Brent. She is keeping it a secret from Jayden and her female friends. But in the meantime it transpires that Brent is a friend of Greg's and acting on Greg's behalf, just trying to pay back Shannon while not realizing there is more to the story. Things get quite intense as it needs to be clearer what is what.

Even though the book is quite erotic and sexual, it has a very strong romantic story. The erotic scenes are very real and quite earth shaking. Shannon goes from tolerating a platonic relationship to an all out no holds bared sexual relationship. What starts as a sexual encounter turns into a romantic relationship as they each begin to feel love for each other but other situations become a barrier. There are Greg and Jayden to contend with and both Brent and Shannon are strong willed and neither wants to submit to the will of the other. This is a tantalizing tale that will keep you turning the pages!


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