Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Excellent Review

I had the most wonderful surprise when I went on Amazon yesterday.
The review I read there from Midwest Book Review, on Temptation to Sin, was on the money.
The reviewer keyed into the essential element of the story and in a few short sentences, accurately summarized the focus of the book. I love strong women and I always try to portray my heroines with a bit of pizzazz, and Shannon was no exception.  A strong woman needs a strong man; in walks Brent. The strong emotional pull between these two is palpable; you can cut it with a knife.

I enjoyed writing this book, and had a fun time with it. I hope you do too, if you were to have the opportunity to read it.

Read the review here:
"Vengeance can go sour so quickly. "Temptation to Sin" is a novel spinning the tale of the unfulfilled Shannon, who leaves her long time childhood sweetheart to find another. The vengeful Brent seeks revenge for another, and aims for Shannon. But what was once vengeance turned into so much more'. "Temptation to Sin" proves to be a unique and thrilling work of romance, highly recommended."

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