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The final book in the Campbell Brothers Trilogy is available now! Read Tristan's story... immerse yourself in the historical culture of the Scottish highlands, in this epic novel! Enter the $25.00 gift card takeover going on from the 6/7/18 to 6/10/18, for a chance to win.


Title:  His For The Claiming

Author: Ju Ephraime

Publisher: ENVISION Business & Computer School Publishing

Page count: 378

Brief Blurb: 

Tristan (Tris) Campbell accepts the fact that his brother came back to them from the land of the fae. He accepts that life in the Highlands with his clan is fraught with strife and danger… that they will be forever warring with opposing clans for Scottish independence. What he doesn’t expect is that, like his brother Alasdair, he, too, will travel through time to find his one true love, Lady Brianne O’Connor.
Lady Brianne O’Connor has vowed never to take a husband, and as she is her father’s only child and heir, he does not dissuade her but allows her to live as she pleases. After her new husband is murdered, or so she thinks, she takes to unexplainable weeping, spending all her days and nights in her bedchamber at Kilchurn Castle mourning him. That is the only place in which she feels safe… the only room where she can be with the love of her life. She is torn with grief by his untimely death.
Tristan comes upon a woman in a vision, and now he must find a way to connect with her… a woman he is convinced he knows but, for the life of him, can’t recall from where. Bent on finding the woman who stirs his senses like no other, Tris will not rest until he can feel her in his arms again….
Will he succeed? Will Lady Brianne’s mourning finally be over?

Professional Review:

A Medieval Time Travel Romance and the third book in the Campbell Brothers series by Ju Ephraime is a historical romance with powerful hints of the paranormal and time travel. Set against the backdrop of the Scottish Highlands, the story follows Tristan Campbell who dreams about a woman in a castle in another time. He believes that woman, Lady Brianne O'Connor, is his soulmate. His own brother,Alasdair, travelled through time to find his true love. So, using his new mental skills, he transports himself back to her chamber, to a woman who's vowed never to love anyone again after the tragic loss of her husband, spending many years in mourning and weeping in Kilchurn Castle. Will Tris be able to win her heart and convince her that he is real?How can he make her believe that the power of the fae has destined them to be together?

A great story with a lot of drama and entertainment. From the opening pages, the reader already gets a strong sense of the setting, thanks to Ju Ephraime's gift for mimicking the natural speech patterns of the characters at that time, and for crafting exciting dialogues that, while entertaining and driving the plot, are equally revealing of elements of the setting and character development. There are strong historical references and readers will get a feel of the culture of the Highlanders, their belief in the fae land, and conflicts between the clans that punctuate life. The writing is smooth and beautiful, with a skillful use of short sentences and timely paragraph breaks that make for a great reading experience. His For The Claiming: A Medieval Time Travel Romance features realistic characters, a great setting, and strong plot lines. It is an engaging story with a strong appeal for fans of the supernatural, romance and time travel.

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