Friday, September 18, 2015



Hello my wonderful readers, my first romance novel, STATE OF ECSTASY has been given a new cover and revamped. Don’t ask me how you can improve on near perfection, but my editor found a way to bring it to PERFECTION! The new version is on Amazon, iBook and B&N. It should be available in print in a couple weeks. The front cover is hot, but the back cover positively sizzles. This book needs to be read in print, to get a look of the back cover. Here’s the blurb: 

Twenty-six year-old Daphne Cohen’s life is closed off, hiding behind an introverted personality to keep from expressing her true self and exploring the depths of what she truly desires. With very few friends and having only slept with three men in her life, she believes man number three is the one…until she finds out he’s been sleeping around. Fleeing to Martinique to do some soul searching about her past, she meets her future: Wolfe LaCasse, a devastatingly handsome and sensuous Creole. He takes her on a passionate journey whose fire burns too hot for Daphne and she flees the island before getting burned. The problem is, she can’t forget the state of ecstasy she experienced in his arms. Can she risk everything and, for the first time in her life, follow her heart and return to the island? 
Spinning a fresh twist on the romance genre, Ju Ephraime’s Daphne is in the driver’s seat and in full control to make the decisions that will change her forever. Daphne’s developed sexuality and power bridge a gap between the classic and the contemporary with subtle nuances, sparkling insights, and a provocative, sensuous narrative style. Reminiscent of the works of Lisa Kleypas and Stephanie Laurens, Ms. Ephraime’s rich emotional landscape delivers an achingly accessible complexity that makes State of Ecstasy steamy, provocative, and fresh, and its author a forceful new voice who brings an entirely new level of heat.

You can pick up a copy on, Barnes & Noble and iTunes.
Review copies are available with Ju at:

And if that wasn’t enough, my new release, Golden Heat is on sale until the 30th for only $.99. Grab your copy today: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks

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