Thursday, August 28, 2014


My summer began nicely enough until I was diagnosed with a goiter growing into my chest and pressing against my right lung. According to the Endocrinologist, the goiter has to be surgically removed. After having undergone heart surgery, I was reluctant to go under the knife again, so I spent my summer at an alternative medical facility in the Berkshires, MA. The treatment was brutal. Very strict and rigid with my diet for fourteen consisting mainly of fasting, something they call ‘flushing’ and raw foods. I’ve been home for almost two weeks now and I am still unable to tolerate cook foods.

The good thing in all this, I was able to start and complete a novella, THE ENGLISHMAN’S FOLLY. A 26K words high heat romance set in Cornwall, UK. It’s now with the editor and on pre-sale on Amazon, Kobo, iTunes and ENVISION.

 Here’s the brief blurb:

Zoey Warwick knows she wants to escape her life of poverty in the small coastal village of Penzance in Cornwall, England. So she sets out to find the one man she thinks will help her better her lot, in more ways than one. She wants a rich man, but she wants a rich man she can fall in love with—a man who can fulfill the fantasy she’s been embracing ever since she walked out of her brief marriage. Dangerously seductive, Declan Murphy has all the trappings of wealth that Zoey craves. He’s tall, good looking, and he also has a full head of hair, the most piercing obsidian eyes, and a generous mouth with lips to die for. On the plus side, he appears to be infatuated with her the moment they meet at the antique appraisal fair the humane society is hosting in her town, but Zoey is leery, he looks too perfect, there had to be a catch; a man so attractive wouldn’t be single and available—she would tread carefully. She’s there trying to discover if the vase she picked out of the trash from her deceased grandma’s room has any value. He’s there looking for one more piece of treasure to add to his collection—and, according to him, he’s found it in Zoey. But Zoey has no intention of giving in so easily. She has to check out the goods before she’ll commit, “once bitten, twice shy.” The plan she devises to examine the goods and the shock she receives when she finally gets to sample them are the stuff legends are made of. Did Zoey take on more than she can handle…? So far, a very eventful and productive summer. 

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Good news!

Solange St. Brice

Hope all is well with you.

I wanted to share good news with you.

My 2nd novel, The Englishman’s Folly, will be released on September 30th it’s now available for pre-order on Amazon, Kobo and iTunes.  It's available in paperback and all ebook versions.

My first  novel, Only You For Me, has already garnered excellent review, and this, my second novel is along those same lines.

Below is the link to the book on Amazon.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Monthly Contest For Rhapsody In Paris!

 Enter my monthly contest to win an authorgraphed copy of my newest release, RHAPSODY IN PARIS, the grand finale in the LaCasse Series:


This couldn’t be happening to her. A fall on the track where she runs every day, a chance meeting with the most handsome stranger she’s ever seen, and Franchesca LaCasse, an accomplished biochemist, usually able to handle any situation, finds herself hungering for the stranger’s touch, as he gently caresses her face to determine the extent of her injury. With each touch of his hand, he draws her like a moth to flame.

“Look at you,” he whispered, his accent thick and gravelly, the thickest she’d ever heard it.

Damon Dumont comes to an abrupt stop to avoid running over the woman lying in his path on the track; he can’t just walk away. She is not moving. He turns her over to check for a pulse and is not prepared for the unusual beauty of the woman. Everything about her fascinates him, her gorgeous eyes, and the pièce de résistance, her beautiful head of hair—flaming red, his weakness. He calls for the paramedics, and when they arrive decides to accompany her to the hospital. In this moment of near crisis, a spark has been struck and neither can escape the sensual fire that threatens to consume them as they surrender to passion’s embrace.

Read a review:

J.K. Accinni's review
Jul 08, 14

Read in July, 2014

Well, well, well. I finally found it; an indie that can write! This author's style of writing is everything I wish other writers could be.'s nice to have different styles, but not when the book suffers. (This book GLOWS) Many authors mistake their style for professionalism when it is merely the forced words of ineptitude. Anything by Amanda Hocking and the author of the Twilight series come to mind. (Ms Hocking started out as an indie.)

But this author clearly is well read herself and has developed the knack it takes to truly engaged the reader. She doesn't jump from scene to scene telling the story. She shows us as she glides beautifully with complete descriptions of what the characters are doing and the reactions to why. I don't see plot holes or missteps, editing errors or grammar inaccuracies. I see only a glorious writer that wants to share her characters as they fully enjoy themselves. I feel it from her crafted words. And I say crafted because I can feel the time she took to immerse herself in her story instead of throwing word on paper for me to read. .

I take this time to comment mostly on the skill of the author because I see so many reviews that regurgitate plot and/or pan the author's skill. Yes, of course the plot is good. But I believe this author could write about a turnip picking contest and the writing would be enthralling.

Do yourself a special favor. Introduce yourself to this fine writer's work. You will not be disappointed.

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The Odor of Violet

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About the Author:

Ju Ephraime began writing professionally at age 19; at that time, she wrote short stories for the local radio station in her home town. She gave up writing to pursue her education and has since earned several degrees, including two Masters and a Doctorate in Higher Education Administration from Northeastern University in Boston.  During the course of her schooling, she wrote and published a working curriculum for a career school, a business manual and its answer key, as well as other literary work.  In 2010 she revisited her first love, writing for fun and enjoyment.  She writes high heat, steamy, romance novels. The first was, State of Ecstasy in the LaCasse series, which was soon followed by, Temptation to Sin, Loving Therèse, #2 in the LaCasse series. Ju has gone on to write several more books, including, The Odor of Violet, on tour this month, Complete Surrender, #3 in the LaCasse series; as well as, a Christmas Novella, Footsteps in the Sand and her award winning paranormal, White Magic Woman, Quarterfinalist in Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest, 2013, out of over 10,000 entrants.

Ju lives in Connecticut, where she is very active in her community. She is the administrator of a business school and the president of a non-profit organization that dresses individuals for job interviews. Find and Follow:  Website   Facebook   Twitter   Goodreads    Amazon Author’s Page    Google+


Ms. Andrews walked into the room, and Damien felt the air leave his lungs. He could not see her, but he felt Jake’s reaction also. He was not certain if he was mirroring Jake’s reaction to the candidate or his own overactive imagination. Whatever the reason, he had a physical reaction to whomever it was that walked into his library. She was polite and calm, and he sensed she had a smile on her face because Jake had an answering smile in his voice when he greeted her. Poor Damien, he couldn’t see a thing, but boy, was he aware of her. He could smell the fragrance she was wearing, and it was doing strange things to his body.
There was a hint of jasmine, mixed with a bit of musk, but the overwhelming scent was of violet. He recognized the scent because of the perfusion of violet plants that grew in the garden surrounding his house.
It was his favorite flower. He was never tired of sitting on the porch just inhaling its heady fragrance. On Ms. Andrews, the fragrance was positively intoxicating. The mixture of violet with her unique scent was overpowering. Damien was almost in pain from the strength of his physical reaction to her. He was uncomfortable in his seat and kept fidgeting and moving to get a more comfortable position. He did not want either Jake or the young woman to notice his discomfort. He desperately wanted to see the woman who was in his library, but he had to be content with just listening to her responses to Jake’s questions.
She sounded a bit flustered because she would begin each response with a slight nervous laugh, and Jake would respond in kind. This exchange between the two infuriated Damien, who wanted to participate in the conversation. He interrupted one of Jake’s questions to her with one of his own.

“Tell me, Ms. Andrews, how long have you been out of school?”

Friday, January 31, 2014

Complete Surrender Giveaway

Complete Surrender
(LaCasse Book 3)
Ju Ephraime

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Book Description:

Raymond LaCasse had just completed his studies in Paris and was on his way home, to the French Caribbean island of Martinique, little did he know sharing a taxi with a beautiful stranger would change his life in ways he could have never imagined. His couldn’t get the beautiful woman out of his mind, long after she had collected her belongs and left the taxi they’d shared on the way to the airport. Who was this gorgeous woman? He wish the drive had been longer, so he could have spent a longer time in her company. He’d get his wish, but not in the way he’d imagined.

Gabrielle Descotte, a model by profession, had agreed to assist her brother in carrying out an illegal feat. She loved her brother dearly and would do anything for him, but when she met his intended target, Raymond LaCasse, she swiftly had a change of heart. She now had to choose, her brother or the man who occupies her every waking moment, to the exclusion of all else.

Divided by loyalties and bound by a desire that drives them into each other’s arms, Raymond and Gabrielle find themselves in a convoluted web of deceit and danger that almost destroy their new-found love and tear them apart….