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He is a Scottish Laird who live in a world of Druid magic and ancient customs, hand fasted to the sister of his rival clan, MacDougall. Alasdair thought he was doing the right thing trying to bring peace to the region. But he is murdered on the eve of his wedding. Not willing to accept his death, his mother, a Druid princess, performs a geas to keep him alive. But something went awry because, as the last word of the geas was spoken, Alasdair is trapped in time where he wanders the earth for centuries. The only one who can bring him back home is his betrothed. He has given up on ever finding her until she walks into his office in twentieth century Manhattan.
Coira Ainsley is a happy-go-lucky young woman living in twentieth century Manhattan. Her job as a travel agent took her all over. She love the work she did and is excellent at it. That was until she follows her client into his office and finds herself in fourteenth century at Inveraray Keep in the Highlands of Scotland. At first, Coira thinks a prank is being played on her until she saw the giant, wearing nothing but a kilt and a studded leather strap across his massive chest approaching her. Not one given to swooning, Coira finds herself welcoming the darkness that come over her as she loses consciousness, without learning that the naked giant is her betrothed from another time… another place. Will she give in and accept what has been pre-destined or will she fight to get back to the life she knows and loves?

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Loath though he was to admit it, he was susceptible where she was concerned. She had a lot of the qualities he admired in a woman—beauty, intelligence, pride, and sensuality. He felt it every time he was within touching distance of her. He had a difficult time keeping his mind on the business at hand when all he could think about was pushing aside his plaid and burying himself inside her.
He didn’t anticipate any problem in that regard. The tiny pieces of fabric she was wearing as clothing would present no barrier to his raging cock, just thinking about it had him rock hard. He imagined ripping off the flimsy fabric that covered her from the waist to her thighs, lifting her onto his stiff manhood, as she wrapped those long legs around his waist. He was so far gone in his daydreaming he could’ve sworn he felt her heels hitting his butt every time he rammed his dick into her. He had to remind himself she was not for him. She could be the enemy. Why couldn’t he get that through to his cock? He’d had been too long without a woman.
He vowed to stay away from her as difficult as it seemed to be for him. He had been looking for every pretext to go to her. He had to stop because he would find himself doing just what he’d vowed he’d never do—take an unwilling woman to his bed. He could tell she was unwilling because all she talked about was going home. He wished he knew how to send her back, but he didn’t have any idea.




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New Historical

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Lynn is in a quandary. Ever since she can remember, she’s had a thing for twins, not just any twins, identical twins. Now she is in a relationship with the most handsome set of identical twins, and she can’t stop her fantasy from running haywire. She loves one, but she wants both.

Nicholae and his brother have a great relationship. They never coveted each other’s property. If one had something, and the other wanted it, they shared, whatever it was. But now Nate has something Nicholae wants, and he didn’t know how to ask to share; because something tells him, Nate won’t share this with him… his new girlfriend, Lynn. 

Lynn has a need, and Nicholae has a want, and then there’s Nate in the middle, will he give in to his brother or will he put his foot down and deny him, this one time?...



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